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Apresentação das Autoestradas do Douro Litoral

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AEDL - Auto-Estradas do Douro Litoral, S.A. (AEDL) is the concessionaire of the Douro Litoral motorway Concession whose contract was signed with the Portuguese State in December 2007.
The Concession contract is valid for a 27-year period, i.e. until December 2034, and its object (purpose) is the design, project management, construction, financing, maintenance, and operation of three toll motorways: A32, A41 and A43.

AEDL's motorways are located in the northern region of Portugal, in the districts of Porto and Aveiro, and are mainly in Porto's Metropolitan Area. However, our area of influence extends south to Coimbra, north to Braga and east to Vila Real, benefiting from good network connections with other motorways.

The three motorways of the Douro Litoral Concession, that opened to traffic in 2011, have a total length of 73.3 km divided as follows:

  • A32/IC2 - Oliveira de Azeméis / IP1 (S. Lourenço): 32.6 km, opened in October 2011;

  • A41/IC24 - Picoto (IC2) / Nó da Ermida (IC25): 32.8 km, opened in April 2011;

  • A43/IC29 - Gondomar / Aguiar de Sousa (IC24): 7.9 km, opened in April 2011.

The A41 motorway is part of the Porto Outer Regional Ring Road (CREP), while the A32 and A43 operate as radial motorways, providing high-capacity links between the Porto Metropolitan Area and the surrounding areas.

The Douro Litoral Concession also includes the A41/IC24 stretch - Espinho (IC1) / Picoto (IC2), a section built by the Portuguese State and included in the Douro Litoral Concession since its inception, for operation and maintenance purposes, without the charging tolls.


AEDL - Autoestradas do Douro Litoral is deeply committed to build a more sustainable future, through significant investments in the exercise of its professional activity.

Therefore, AEDL joined, in February 2024, UN Global Compact, the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative, from United Nations, a call to companies to align strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, and take actions that advance societal goals, which results in the Ten Principles.

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