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The Feast of Fogaceiras is the most emblematic festivity of the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, marked by the devotion of the people of the Lands of Santa Maria. This feast originated in a vow to the martyr St. Sebastian in 1505, when the region was beset by an outbreak of plague that decimated part of the population. In exchange for protection, the people promised the saint the gift of a sweet bread called Fogaça.

St. Sebastian, who according to legend suffered from all suffering at the time of his martyrdom in the name of the Christian faith, thus became the holy protector of the whole county of the Fair.

In fulfillment of the vote, the offerors were incorporated into a procession that left the Palace of The Counts (Castle) and followed the Church of the Convent of the Holy Spirit (Loios), where the Fogaças were blessed, divided into slices, later divided by the people. Thus was born the Feast of Stoves.

Fulfilled on January 20, this promise is a historical and cultural reference for the Lands of Santa Maria.

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Whoever travels the A41 and passes through Arouca can find many reasons for great fun.

Every year in September, Arouca takes to the streets to celebrate the most emblematic of its festivals: the Harvest Fair.

During these days, the town centre is filled with the life of fairs, concerts, exhibitions, and folklore. At the table you can taste delicacies such as the arouquesa bread and conventional and regional sweets.

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If you travel the A43, go through Gondomar and you will have many reasons for a lively stay, as a result of the popular manifestations that are spread throughout all the months of the year.

For more than 300 years, takes place in October the most important popular manifestation of the district, called "Romaria de Nossa Senhora do Rosário, São Cosme e São Damião", that takes place in the parish of Gondomar (S. Cosme). From the profane point of view is also known as "Festival of Nuts".

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