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Museu Amadeo Souza Cardoso: ponto de interesse das Autoestradas do Douro Litoral


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On the A32 motorway to Oliveira de Azeméis you can visit the Ferreira de Castro House-Museum. Dating from the middle of the 19th century, this is the old house of the writer José Maria Ferreira de Castro, author of books such as"A Selva" and "Volta ao Mundo".

The museum boasts books, manuscripts, and personal effects from the writer, including the shoes and suitcase that accompanied him on the round-the-world trip in 1939 that inspired the book.

The House-Museum has two floors. On the first floor there is the wine cellar where some of the agricultural tools of the time are displayed, such as the lagar, the press, a salting machine, and six barrels. The second floor consists of four rooms: the kitchen, the living room, the writer's mother's bedroom, and his childhood bedroom. Outside the house, by express will of the writer, the yard and the pine forest with the existing trees were preserved, and when needed, replaced by new pine trees.

Further information  here.

Casa-Museu Ferreira de Castro: ponto de interesse das Autoestradas do Douro Litoral
Galeria Tomás da Costa.jpg


The A32 will take you to Oliveira de Azeméis, where should you like art, you are welcome to visit several exhibitions at Galeria Tomás da Costa. The cultural space is located at the center of the City Square and displays collections of works of art by national and local artists.

It is open Monday through Sunday from April 1st to October 31st, and Tuesday through Thursday from November 1st to March 31st.

Tomás da Costa, born in 1860 in Oliveira de Azeméis, was a renowned sculptor whose reputation reached its peak when he created the statue in honor of the 4th Centennial of Prince Henry the Navigator. Later, he designed the statue of Marshal Saldanha and his notoriety led Queen D. Amélia to choose him to sculpt her bust.

Further information here.

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Museu Municipal Amadeu de Sousa Cardoso: ponto de interesse das Autoestradas do Douro Litoral


If you take the A41 and make a stopover in Amarante to visit the Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso Municipal Museum. The Museum, housed inside the Dominican Convent of São Gonçalo, was founded by Albano Sardoeira in 1947 in order to gather materials concerning the local history and to celebrate the artists and writers who were born in Amarante such as Ilídio Sardoeira, António Carneiro, Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso and Agustina Bessa Luís.

Here you can find a display of modern and contemporary Portuguese art - paintings and sculptures.

Further information here.

Museu Amadeu Souza Cardoso: ponto de interesse das Autoestradas do Douro Litoral
Museu Amadeu Souza Cardoso: ponto de interesse das Autoestradas do Douro Litoral


When traveling along the A41 and passing through Espinho you can visit the Municipal Museum. The Museum opened in June 2009, and is located in the Fórum de Arte e Cultura de Espinho (FACE), formerly a renown  canned food factory founded in the late 19th Century.

It integrates three permanent exhibitions: cannery, shawl art, and fishing/working class district. It also has a gallery for temporary exhibitions, a center for documentation and research in local history and an educational service.

Further information  here.

Museu Espinho.jpg
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Should you make a stopover in Valongo on your journey along the A43, you are welcome to visit the Municipal Museum. This museum is housed in an early 19th century building, constructed by Bernardo Martins da Nova, to which the chapel of S. Bruno was added in 1825. It became the headquarters of the City Hall, although, due its historical and architectural value, the building was remodeled and has been the Municipal Museum since 2001.

Here you will find a varied collection of artifacts with particular emphasis on baking, mining of slate, linen transformation, sacred art, painting, toys of plate and wood, costumes of Bugios e Mourisqueiros, a very old tradition, depicting the battles between Christians and Moors and the  Session Room of the old Municipal House.

Further information here.

Museu Municipal Valongo: ponto de interesse das Autoestradas do Douro Litoral
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