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actividades de natureza acessíveis via A32, A41 e A43


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With exceptional and natural surroundings, EUROPARQUE enjoys a unique location and incorporates a small watercourse which flows through the "City of Events" to the south and runs alongside an artificial lake.


This whole area is surrounded by both native and exotic faunaand flora, offering a pleasant environment for a family walk, sports practice or simple moments of leisure. A true city park that serves the entire region and is only 3km from the Atlantic Ocean.

Further information here.

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> Via A41
natur A41
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If you travel on the A41 you will save time and can also appreciate, and visit some of Portugal's historic monuments.

In the municipality of Paredes, you can find the Marmitas de Gigante or "Giant Lunchboxes". The Marmitas are circular or elliptical depressions in the rock that result from erosion caused by the rotating  motion movements of sand and pebbles. They can be found in the town of Aguiar de Sousa.

On the banks and river beds of the Sousa and Ferreira rivers there are several Giant Lunchboxes. 

Further information here.


When traveling on the A41 you will find the municipality of Arouca and the Arouca Geopark on your route.


Inaugurated in April 2009, the Geopark has an area of 328 Km2 and is surrounded by the Freita, Montemuro and Arada Mountains and several rivers. In the rapids of the Paiva River, you'll find some of the best places in Portugal for rafting and kayaking. You will also find several sites of geological interest, such as the Castanheira Boulders, the Giant Trilobites of Canelas and the Paiva Valley Ichnofossils.

The Arouca Suspension Bridge and the famous Paiva Walkways are also located nearby.

Further information here.

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natur A43
> Via A43


The river Beach, located in the municipality of Gondomar, is on the banks of the Douro River and has infrastructures and facilities to support the beach and the extensive sandy area along the river bank.

Upon arriving at the beach area, you'll find a car park, a beach bar with terrace, bathrooms, showers, a desgnated swimming area with lifeguards and first-aid station, a pedestrian zone, an access ramp for people with reduced mobility and baby strollers and an area for waste disposal and recycling.

It is great fun for children especially as the designated swimming area has a very clear water and sometimes has waves from boats going up and down the Douro river.

Further information here.

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